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19,49 EUR*
Details My Kid Can't Spell: Understanding and Assisting Your Child's Literacy Development (Social History of Africa (Paperback))

My Kid Can't Spell! This text is aimed at parents who want to play a more active role in their children's education. It offers practical guidance including: development guideposts to track children's literacy; and tips for helping children progress ...

25,68 EUR*
Details My Quests for Hope and Meaning: An Autobiography

My Quests for Hope and Meaning This book is an autobiography tracing Rosemary Radford Ruether's intellectual development and writing career. Ruether examines the influence of her mother and family on her development and particularly her interactions ...

5,49 EUR*
Details My First Coloring Book

My First Coloring Book "My First Coloring Book" is the perfect book for young children who love doodling and coloring in. A mixture of colored and black and white pages are designed to aid a child's development of simple skills such as copying and ...

16,30 EUR*
Details My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia

In this non-fiction story of struggle and grief, 'My Secret Life: A Memoir of Bulimia' details one teenager's battle with Bulimia Nervosa. After years of bullying, Leanne Waters examines the development of her illness and looks closely at the ...

18,22 EUR*
Details Family Time

Growing up music was an important part of my childhood," Marley says. "I see it being just as important in my children and all children's growth and development. Music helps children to grow with open minds and open hearts and this is my message. This ...

62,85 EUR*
Details Let My Spirit Soar!: Narratives of Diverse Women in School Leadership

Let My Spirit Soar! Stories of nine women in positions of school leadership and their lives in education. Could be useful to aspiring school leaders and for staff development. Full description

11,91 EUR*
Details My First Book of Korean Words: An ABC Rhyming Book

The Pre-Earthly Deeds of Christ, Occult Science and Occult Development, Christ at the Time of the Mystery of Golgotha, Christ in the Twentieth Century

16,79 EUR*
Details The Earth is My Mother [With Poster]

The Earth is My Mother Eleven-year-old Sarah Stewart goes on a "vision quest" to discover her power to prevent the development of a desert canyon in the Southwest. When one of her pictures appears on a magazine cover, there is a national outpouring of ...

17,51 EUR*
Details My Professional Life, 1929-1998: With Selected Bibliography

In the present booklet, the author reviews seventy years of work and writing on development economics and its relation to her own experience, from government planner in Denmark during the Second World War, via the UN, to consultant concerning today's ...

24,45 EUR*
Details My Life in Leadership: The Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way (Drucker Foundation Future Series)

In a clear and compelling voice, Frances Hesselbein delivers key leadership lessons. Tracing her own development as a leader, she narrates the critical moments that shaped her personally and professionally: from her childhood in Pennsylvania, to ...

20,93 EUR*
Details Parenting Your Child Leader: Strategies for Helping Your Child Achieve their Leadership Potential

p>Darryl Bodkin has written a wonderful treatise on child development and leadership. He writes from a child's perspective on parenting and provides invaluable insight on the subject of leadership growth and development. When I was 11 years of age, my ...